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Move forward

...for us stands for revenue growth, but also the relationship with our customers and personal development of our colleagues. Find out more about our philosophy on this page.

Our manifest

Why we exist

Everyone wants to grow their business. So do we. But not just because it generates more income. Growth is much more than that. It creates movement, rather than stagnation. It moves you forward and it takes you further. It creates opportunities. It's a wonderful burst of energy that’s buzzing - the kind of chemistry that makes everything suddenly work and make sense. For that reason, we love growth at Brandfirm.

And that is why we love working for growth companies that want to accelerate substantially with us. Companies that focus on growth and want to push the envelope. After all, this type of company is exactly at the point where our online marketing services can really make a difference.


For that to happen, we need to build trust

We need to understand and like your business proposition inside out. And your business will only really take off if you give us the freedom to develop a smart strategy that perfectly synchronizes all our online marketing disciplines.

In fact, we prefer to work as if we are your online marketing department. This means: all our skills are available at all times, which also includes office banter, after-work drinks, and most importantly: that ultimate team feeling.

'Move forward' is also an invitation to our colleagues: to feel at home, focus on personal development, further specialize, and become the best in their fields.

For this reason, we deliberately work in a close-knit environment at Brandfirm. We believe that a good relationship between colleagues and clients builds trust, allowing you to get the best out of yourself.

In a nutshell: At Brandfirm, we not only enjoy growing but also the connection it offers our customers and colleagues. In our opinion, one cannot exist without the other. This is how we cultivate positive energy; this is how we cultivate a culture of pushing the envelope. This is how we move forward together.

Jordy, Thu, Yannick en Leila

The Brandfirm DNA

At Brandfirm we always push ourselves as hard as we can

We do things well, or we don't do them at all. The focus is always on the bottom line: do our actions lead to more sales for our customers? We don't beat around the bush and don't sugar-coat things, because that only causes frustration and delays.

And we are fairly atypical in this respect

Sounds strange to call yourself that. But here's the thing: instead of keeping things very corporate, we consciously create a friendly atmosphere for our customers and colleagues. That's how mutual trust is quickly established, which gives us the freedom to give you what we do best.

Accreditations & awards.

We love working for growth companies that want to accelerate substantially. We have demonstrable skills that we have been recognized for.

  • Emerce 100 2023
    Emerce 100
    Top 10 best digital marketing agencies
  • FONK150 icoon Zwart
    Fonk 150
    Best full service agencies (medium size)
  • Nlgroeit logo 2022
    Erasmus & nlgroeit
    Top 250 growth companies 2021 & 2022
  • FD Gazellen logo
    FD Gazellen
    7 years in a row FD Gazellen from ’16 t/m ‘22

The Brandfirm team.

All our skills are available at all times, which includes office banter, after-work drinks, and most importantly: that ultimate team feeling.